[Daily life in North Korea in the Kim Jong Un Era]
[December 2nd, 2013]

The East Asia Foundation hosted the 21st EAF seminar on December 2nd. Ms. Jean Lee, the Associated Press's first Pyongyang bureau chief, spoke about her time in North Korea. Ms. Lee was responsible for establishing the Associated Press's presence.
The East Asia Foundation holds the 21st EAF Seminar.
EAF Internship Program for the 1st Half of 2014
The East Asia Foundation holds the 20th EAF Seminar.
The East Asia Foundation holds the 19th EAF Seminar.
'Nationalism is Northeast Asia's main challenge'
   - The Korea Herald By Song Sang-ho [June 16, 2013]
Global Asia aims to be leading diplomacy journal
   - The Korea Times By Nam Hyun-woo [Apr 14, 2013]
2nd EAF Seminar
EAF-Sponsored International Conference at Hunchun
The 6th Jeju Forum
Unification Bonanza (Daebak) Buzz and the Absence of a Peace Process
  Tae-ho Kang (Senior Staff Writer, The Hankyoreh)